15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

DIY Donut Costume and Donut Hole Treat BucketHave you ever found yourself so unprepared for an upcoming Holiday that you just throw in the towel in defeat and give up? I find that Halloween is no exception, so to bring back some hope to the rest of us, I’ve compiled a list of 15 seriously last minute DIY Halloween Costumes.

If you’re like me, I fantasize months before an upcoming Holiday, imagining to myself that “this year, things will be different!” And by different, I mean actually meeting that Holiday fully prepared and ready for it to The Best (fill in any holiday) Ever!  Until it gets here, and it isn’t. Not even close.

Fear not, for this Halloween even the most unprepared, short on cash and unskilled of us can pull off the kiddos trick or treating joy in a snap! Just take a moment to feast your eyes below on what I’ve found to be the easiest and quickest Halloween costumes out there.

Dinosaur Costume

Make this from simple felt & foam sheets from Scottsdale Moms Blog.



Scraps of fabric cover any shirt you have on hand here at Alpha Mom

Wind Up Doll

Use what you have with only a few additions to make this cute outfit featured at the DIY Network

A Bunch of Grapes

A bag of balloons and dollar store vines will get you far with some instruction from Mommy Savers

Bag of Jelly Beans

DIY Jelly Belly Halloween Costume for kids. This is the cutest homemade halloween costume ever, and it only costs $5 to make!

Hang on to those balloons because here you can make them go even farther with is idea from The Sits Girls

A Pile of Autumn Leaves

Such an original idea with inexpensive artificial leaves shown here at Moo Mama

A Bowl of Mac & Cheese

Mac 'n' Cheese Halloween Costume

A very recognizable and inexpensive idea here at the DIY Network


The easiest ever diy glow in the dark skeleton costume

The kids can get in on the fun in making this costume from Artful Parent 


Easy and so expressive costume over at Hello Wonderful

Flower Pot

flower pot costume

Costumes don’t get much cuter than this little flower pot at Dukes & Duchesses

Gift Bag

Gift Bag Costume

This falls under the category of “why didn’t I think of that?” found here at Costume Works


Donut Costume DIY

If you can still get your hands on an inner tube, you have to give this one a try from Studio DIY!

Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket Costume

Another adorable idea found at Costume Works

Rain Cloud

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume? Make a Rain Cloud to wear with jacket and some galoshes for Halloween!

Quick and done in no time with this idea from Fairfield

Assorted Animal Masks

8 diy halloween masks cover

Masks are great costumes and easily recognizable without doing a full body costume, and these ideas at Shelterness are wonderful.

I love that some things on this list you may already have on hand at home, but if not they’re easily available with one quick stop at the store and little effort at home. I hope you found something on this list that inspires you. Now go have yourself a sweet & spooky Halloween!


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