Month: October 2014

Inspring Fashion Blogs for Great Mommy Style

Mom Fashion BlogIf there was one word to describe my fashion style, I guess you would call it “classic”.  I’m not what you’d call a risk taker.  Despite that, I do try to stay somewhat current, and by that I don’t mean the latest style of sweatpants.

If you’ve read my About Me page, you’ll see that I recently went from full time work outside the home status to full time stay at home mom. With that, I’ve always promised myself I wouldn’t get sucked into that forceful vortex of “why bother”.  No one is going to see me, right?  Well, on some days that might be true, but for me, I don’t feel myself if I don’t at least try. (more…)

The Conflicted Stay at Home Mom

Work Mom SAHMSigh. I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m not a “work outside the home” mom anymore. I confess that I thought I’d shout that from the rooftops when that fantasy finally became reality. No longer would I have to play that role anymore. The exhausted, guilt ridden and sometimes downright overwhelmed yet “modern” woman. Holding a full time job while also being a wife, mother and caretaker, I thought I’d had it all. But having it all, unfortunately, also meant doing it all. (more…)

Cupcake Wars Birthday Party

cupcake wars birthday

The time had come once again to plan my daughter’s birthday party, and I was pretty much running out of ideas. Princess party, art themed, jungle gyms…check, check and check. Did them all. Would my guests think to themselves “Oh, that place again?”.  Can I even afford to have it at a venue?

As you know, guest lists sure do get out of hand quickly (read: pricey). Because, of course, once you invite Kelsey, then you’ll need to invite Bethany. “But Bethany is besties with Carla, so you have to invite Carla., who of course will be at Dina’s party, so we wouldn’t want to leave her out either”. You all know how this goes.

So with this, I am seeing dollar signs dancing all around, with the sound of “cha ching” with every new name I add to the invite list.  Enough, I thought. I’m going back to basics.  That’s right, the good old fashioned Home Party. (more…)

We said No to Disney and Yes to Serenity

Family Vacation Florida 3

So let me ask you something. What’s on the top of your parenting “bucket list”? For me, it was Disneyworld. I vowed that when we were in that sweet spot of “young enough to love princesses, but old enough to remember the experience”, we’d take the girls to Disneyworld. But where did the time go?. We had busy work schedules. We bought a house that turned into a bit of a money pit. The years flew by just like the cash from our wallets.

I’ll admit that I got caught up in the fantasy of the perfect Disney vacation. But that perfection came at a cost too hefty for our bank account. The budget tips I gleaned online seemed more for the seasoned visitor. I was looking for an experience that would be as stress free as possible. Something for Mom and Dad too, ya know? So why on earth am I looking at Disneyworld for that experience? Were the girls begging to go there? Now that I think of it, not really. Of course they would love to go if offered. But in my head I was stressing over the necessity of Disneyworld. But was it really? (more…)

How I Use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

300x300_TestI’m sure many of you are not new to the many uses for castile soap. Consider me a little late to the party. Maybe I was a bit turned off by the price tag for, let’s face it, a bottle of liquid soap.  Little did I know.

Fast forward to now, I never want to be without it!  So let’s cut to it……here is how I’ve been using my new favorite. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap: (more…)