Month: January 2015

Spinach Pesto

pesto mainThe first time I tried pesto, I didn’t like it. To me it tasted strange and a little…”herby” maybe?

But that was then and this is now. Today, I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Seeing how expensive the jarred pesto was, I decided to try making this myself. At first I stuck to the original concept of pesto using basil, garlic, cheese and pine nuts. Since then, I’ve experimented a little, changing this out for that, increasing and decreasing quantities here and there, until I hit upon what I find to be the perfect combination. (more…)

Seriously Perfect Brown Rice

brown rice recipeIn my never ending quest to cook healthier meals, I’ll admit that small changes don’t always stick. One change that has is that I always substitute white rice for brown.. I’m shocked that my picky family has easily accepted this change. It’s pretty much the only kind of rice I’ll make now. But I’ll tell you, my first attempt at cooking brown rice wasn’t pretty.

On my first venture, well, let’s just say that I should have read the instructions more carefully before forging ahead.  If I had, then I wouldn’t have run into the problem of the main dish being done WELL before the rice was finished cooking. You see, as I’d discovered, it takes a lot longer to prepare brown rice than white. Not only that, the results were…..embarrassing. One time it’s totally underdone, then through my efforts to improve my method, I over compensate by cooking it to a starchy, mushy mess!

Not willing to give up so easily, I then discovered a better method that gets me away from stovetop vigilance to simply using the oven.. Did I read that right? Baking rice? I’ve seen it done for casseroles, but not just for the sake of cooking only rice. But I’ll tell you, I’ve never looked back. I initially used this recipe from Baked Brown Rice from Alton Brown. (more…)