Month: February 2015

Gluten Free Caramel Freezies

caramel freezies cover2

Clean eaters of the world, avert your eyes, for I present to you, Crunchy Caramel Freezies. They’re sweet, they’re crunchy, they’re frosty, and you’re going to love ’em!  Yes, they do have ingredients that include preservatives, but they ARE gluten free, and under 100 calories per serving!  I think I can make an exception here (tee hee).

Best of all? Just two ingredients, and done in a snap.

I found these cuties in a magazine featuring Hungry Girl. Known for having a way with cutting fat and calories from everyday, basic dishes, snacks and desserts, this treat is one of our all time faves. (more…)

A New Alternative to cutting cost of Cable TV

cable tv cover“I’ve been paying too much for cable, and for far too long”. Sound familiar?

Since transitioning from two incomes to one, I’ve been looking for ways to cut back expenses wherever possible, and putting cable on the chopping block seemed to be a real no-brainer for us. Sort of. But then along came Sling TV.

Never heard of it? Well, as I write this post, it is pretty new (January 2015).

We’ve watched cable television for so long, it seemed like watching tv any other way would feel like a sacrifice. But nowadays, we do have alternatives.  Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix to name a few. But do they really cover all the bases?  I mean, enough to “cut the cord” as they say? (more…)

DIY Dog Toys

dog toys cover wmAbout a year ago, our family adopted our very first puppy. Very first for me meant literally the FIRST dog I’ve ever lived with, and it didn’t take long to figure out that pricey dog toys just weren’t in the budget.

Our dog isn’t large, but is a mixed breed with a ton of energy. Other than our daily walks, I was desperate to find things to occupy her when the weather was bad, or when weren’t home as much as usual. I turned to toys and chew bones to keep her busy, but wow, was THAT getting expensive!

After studying those dog toys I’d brought home (and were chewed apart before we could even remove the sales tag), it occurred to me that I was doing this all wrong, Most of these toys were little more than fabric stuffed with squeaky toys and “puzzles” with treats hidden inside. I can do that too, right? Of course I can do this, and you can, too! (more…)

Chorizo & Turkey Chili

chorizo chili cover 3In my opinion, there are just so many reasons to love chili. Aside from the fact that it’s exceptionally tasty, chili is just so gosh darn versatile. Let me also add inexpensive and super, duper easy. For years I’ve been experimenting with different ingredient combinations that make this a dish that is overall pretty hard to screw up!

One such ingredient is chorizo sausage.  A number of years ago, my sister introduced me to this  fantastic little flavor dynamo and I loved it instantly. I’ve been looking for new ways to work it into more and more recipes ever since.

The chili I have here for you is just one example of how well this Mexican sausage can blend into new and existing recipes with ease……..Chorizo & Turkey Chili.  This one really gets it done when you’re looking for a little winter comfort food, or for days when you just don’t want to make a huge effort to get a tasty meal onto your table. (more…)