Month: March 2015

The Mammogram Call Back


mammogram callback cover 2The mammogram call back.  Living in the upper Midwest, I should be super excited about springtime. But I’m not. Why? Well for me, it’s that dreaded time of year again. My annual mammogram. Emphasis on that dread part. Again…Dread…it.

I know, I know. It is, we’re told, the best way to detect a tumor, or even potential tumor, at it’s earliest stages. I get it. My beloved mom was diagnosed at Stage 0 in her mid 50’s and all turned out well for her. Which is why I’m a candidate for yearly exams starting at age 35.

So, to faithfully following this unwelcomed task assigned to me, I get tested every year. My tiny A cups being squished into that monstrous machine looks and feels almost ridiculous. Seems like a lot of fuss for just of few square inches of tissue, really! Can’t they just ultrasound me and send me on my way? Nope. They do me like they do the rest of you girls who struck the genetic jackpot of a B cup or larger. No fair, I say.

For me, the worst part isn’t even the exam itself. It’s the waiting. Waiting for those results to come in by letter, or worse, the phone call. (more…)

Pet Hair Removal Made Easy

dog hair removerPet hair. It had me on the ropes. I could NEVER get ahead of it. Every time I turned around, there it was again!  It’s as if my dog’s hair leaps from her body and burrows itself into the upholstery. Not just ON it…..but IN it. Literally. But I’ve finally found a gadget that makes pet hair removal easy. (more…)