Month: April 2015

Spring in the Midwest Outfit Inspiration

Even though I’m not technically a fashion blogger, I can’t resist having a little fun playing pretend! I recently started messing around with Polyvore to concoct a few outfits for inspirational purposes only. I say that because I’ve found that, apparently, I have expensive taste. The price tags on the items I choose tend to be way out of my league, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take part in the fun! (more…)

4 Essential Cookbooks for Absolute Beginners

beginners cookbooks coverWhen I was working full time, I was quite proud to say that I still managed to keep a regular meal plan.  But admittedly the main players on these menus were really, super basic fare (jarred spaghetti sauce & ground beef, anyone?). Now that I’m home more, I figured it was time to up my game a bit in the culinary department. But where to start?

To explain, I don’t have the same backstory that most good cooks have. Tales about generations of women gathering together in the kitchen, teaching the techniques of age old family recipes and showing their love through food. Nope, never happened.

My story goes more like this: Mom, who’s own mother didn’t revel in the task of cooking, making the effort to cook new & interesting recipes for a family of die hard, picky eaters. The list of meals my Dad would eat was quite short, along with his low tolerance for cheese or anything remotely “spicy”.  She cooked mostly to please his palate, and  us kids had to just go along with it. (more…)

Decorate with DIY Dream Clouds

dream clouds cover 3As my girls get older, they seem to be developing some very specific tastes. Food, clothes, décor……you name it. Gone are the days where I could peruse the girl’s clothing department on my own and return with cute things they’d happily wear. As I’ve been told by my ‘tween daughter…”Mom, you just don’t know what’s in style for kid’s”.  Huh?

I thought I did pretty well all these years. After all, isn’t that one of the perks of having daughters? You get to dress them in all of the clothes YOU love!  So Mom’s, beware. Your days as Personal Shopper to the Nick Jr. set are numbered.

Which brings me to their latest idea. Redecorating their bedrooms. Mind you, we haven’t the budget to do an overhaul of new this and fancy that. Thankfully, sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest exist. We found lots of fun ideas for room décor. My eldest darling saw an idea for what are called ‘Dream Clouds”, and was super excited to try it. (more…)