Month: May 2015

10 Amazing Summer Recipes from your Slow Cooker

summer slow cooker 2I don’t know about you, but when it’s summertime, my slow cooker rarely makes an appearance. I guess I’ve always associated crockpot meals with the  heavy stews and roasts that are so warm and comforting during our freezing Midwest winters. But as I’ve since discovered, that’s been a big mistake.

Don’t be like me and overlook the fabulously tasty family dinners that can come from your crockpot in steamy, summertime weather. Bonus….these dinners don’t heat up your kitchen, and you’re not standing over a hot, smoky grill either!

So let’s give that grill a rest. Check out this lineup of amazing dishes that can be cooked up on the hottest of summer days. Big payoff, little effort…..and super delish! (more…)

My experiment with unshrinking rayon

I don’t have much patience for laundry. The sorting, deciding what to tumble dry or line dry. Worse yet, lay flat to dry. Hot or cold and which wash cycle. Ughh. Just give me the ‘ole warm wash and tumble dry, please. However, this last load left me wondering how to go about unshrinking rayon. (more…)