toms shoe fix coverAs much as I love Tom’s shoes, I actually only own one pair. I’ve worn them for about two summers now. Actually, it’s more like I LIVED in those shoes during that time. I chose a solid gray pair and they go with pretty much E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. So that is why it was just a little bit of a heartbreak to notice that the toe of the shoe was starting to develop a frayed, nasty hole.

I didn’t do much about it at first, and now wish that I had. Now that another summer has arrived, I of course went to my closet to seek  out these lovelies only to find the hole was just simply too big, too obvious and too ugly to take me through another summer.

Of course I should just buy another pair. So what’s stopping me? Let’s see….swimming lessons, tennis lessons, summer day camps, pool passes and not to mention funds for our latest “staycation”. That’s right, I’m pinching pennies anywhere that I can. But I just can’t give up my Tom’s! (more…)