Fish tacosNow here is something I can say with great confidence…..and it is this…..I sure do love me some tacos!

Bad grammar aside, it’s no mystery as to why the taco is so appealing to so many. And it is this one word……diversity.

Up until recently, I thought I had enjoyed them just about every way possible.¬†Beef, chicken or pork. Sometimes shredded, other times cubed. Heck, even ground works. And the meat options are only the beginning to prove my point that tacos can be anything you’d like them to be.

So having enjoyed them in so many different ways, I admit it did give me pause when I first heard the term “FISH tacos”. Fish? Really?

Not being a big fan of the stuff, I can say I wasn’t exactly eager to dive into this one. Just seemed wrong, ya know? Kind of like when someone decided to dip bacon into chocolate. Everyone loves them both. But together?

Well, turns out the answer it a resounding YES! Scroll down and I’ll show you how I’ve been putting these together ever since by the request of by uber picky eating family.