Month: January 2017

What to Serve at a Super Bowl Party

At about the same time every year, it seems that most Americans gather together to watch the Super Bowl Game. Even non sports fans such as myself get a bit caught up in the action. Although I must admit that most of the appeal to these gatherings is, of course, the food. And if you’re hosting, the big question is what to make and when to serve it? With big game entertaining, timing matters. You want to keep those guests well fed and happy, even if their team is losing big. The key is knowing what to serve at a Super Bowl Party. And just as importantly, WHEN to serve it. (more…)

Clean Stained Mugs Fast

coffe tea stains photoI’m not much for fussiness, and to me, keeping the inside of my tea cups and coffee mugs white and sparkling fell squarely into that category. Until quite recently, when I found this quick, inexpensive method to clean those stained mugs fast! (more…)