jellyfish costume night2As Halloween was fast approaching, my youngest daughter and I were in desperate need of costume inspiration. I honestly don’t know what search phrase I had used, but somehow came across google images of homemade jellyfish costumes. I took a quick look, said to myself “how cute”, and moved on.

A short time later I casually showed my daughter the images, and to my surprise, she flipped! After that, there was no question as to what she wanted to be for Halloween. A jellyfish it will be.”

There were quite a variety of methods to create this costume. Some quite short & simple, others listed an extensive number of necessary supplies and instruction. Their end result looked amazing, but I felt I didn’t quite have the patience or skill set to pull that off. Most of all, I wanted to do this at minimal cost.

So, to get started, I took inspiration from a number of projects and came up with one that worked for us.  Inexpensive, easy to assemble, and super cute!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 umbrella (dome shaped preferably)
  • 5 rolls assorted wired & curly gift wrapping ribbon
  • 2-3 strings LED lights
  • glue gun and/or strong, clear tape
  • Velcro

Fist up, the main component….an umbrella. The domed shape seemed to look the best for this purpose, but they don’t seem to be that popular at our local stores. This Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by totes (Blue) is the one I purchased at Amazon. A bit more than I thought I’d pay for an umbrella, but then again I’m sure this would work with a standard shaped umbrella as well.

Next, we’ll need some tentacles!! This part was fun. I went to the dollar store and bought about 5 rolls of gift wrapping ribbon (the kind with the wire in it for shaping). I picked the kind used for weddings, as they had a nice iridescence and sparkle to them.  Also, added some standard curling ribbon for variety. Cut all to 25″ to 30″ in length.  I used a glue gun to attach them, and reinforced with packing tape. The night we went trick or treating was insanely windy, but the tentacles held up great!

Then came lighting. This part really took things over the top. We purchased these LED Lights from, of course, Amazon. The hubby used Velcro to attached the battery pack inside the umbrella and stung them throughout the umbrella. The result was stunning. At night, the lights reflected off of the tentacles in such a way that it really looked authentic!

I must admit, this was my first attempt at a hand made costume, and I’m am so, so happy with the results.  Yeah me!

Here is a brief step by step on how I put this together……


Here, the bubble umbrella purchased from Amazon.


I used a combination of basic curling ribbon and wire gift wrap ribbon cut to approx. 30″ lengths.


I hot glued the curling ribbon to the other ribbon so there would be one unit to attach to the umbrella, instead of attaching each kind separately.


Then I glued the ribbon pieces around the inside of the umbrella. I ended up reinforcing this by also taping them with clear packing tape to withstand the wind.



IMG_20141103_144213[1]And here of some shots of where the hubs attached the LED Lights
battery packs with Velcro. We ended up using 3 strings of light. In my opinion, 2 strings got the job done just as well. NOTE: I would recommend avoiding stringing the light in the front of the umbrella too much so the light isn’t shining in your eyes.

jellyfish costume1 jellyfish costume2At the last minute my daughter decided her jelly needed some eyes. We just cut out felt and paper and taped the eyes to the front.  Gives it a little personality, right?

Let me tell you…this costume was a hit! I must have been stopped a dozen times by folks asking me about how I made it and how great it looked. And in the dark, she positively glowed!

jellyfish costume night

The best part? There is no “size” to this costume. Her sister can use it next year, or she can use it again if she’d like. There is no outgrowing this one. Can’t beat that!

I know a lot of you have gone the homemade costume route in the past. I’d love to hear what you’ve done!


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22 Comments on Amazing DIY Jellyfish Costume

  1. Hi there, Thanks for the inspiration. We have the theme of ‘Under the Sea’ to dress up for this year for our local Gala parade. I’m on a budget too but this will fit the bill perfectly and will be really easy to make (I’m not particularly talented in this department!)
    Cheers, Sheelagh x

    • No talent needed on this one! Looks really stunning at night, but the lights will still show beautifully during the day as well for your parade. So glad you like it! Thanks for visiting :-)

    • I believe it was just under $25 when I made it last year. My other daughter will use it this year as well, so we’re getting quite a bit of mileage from this one :-)

    • I’m so glad he’s looking forward to it! It’s quite eye catching, especially at night. My daughter never did complain about have trouble holding it up. She just rested it on her shoulder when walking from house to house. She was 8 last year. This year my 13 year old will use it!

  2. This is pretty awesome!…and I have everything on hand to make it….I always made costumes for my girls growing up and now i’m doing them for the grandchildren….. now you know what i’ll be doing….

  3. My 11 year old daughter Sara was searching for Halloween costume ideas when she came across the Jelly Fish and asked me if I could make this for her. I thought what a fantastic idea! We are very excited about putting this project together!

    • I hope Sara loves it. My daughter heard many positive comments that night! The best part is that no one else had the same costume. She loved that the most!

    • I used a child size for my 8 year old. They’re a bit smaller and lighter I think. I hope you son loves it as much as we did!

    • Not at all! It’s really just a small blob that you apply, and it some cases I added a bit more to various parts. Worked quite well. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did!

  4. Thank you for this tutorial! Found you on Pinterest, and my husband and I made pink and blue jellyfish. The costumes were a huge hit as we accompanied our sister and her family for trick-or-treating, we got a bunch of compliments. Also turned out that they made it really easy for the group to find each other and was added safety for crossing streets! Thank you for this awesome tutorial!

    • Thanks Katie, for sharing your experience. Being able to see the kids at night really does add an extra element of safety! I’m so glad everyone loved the costume. Thank you SO much for sharing how that turned out!

  5. Just want to say a big thank you for this amazing costume idea! My daughter and I had so much fun making this and she was a big hit tonight on Halloween…. Lots of compliments and she even scored some extra candy! The lights were great as I could spot her at all times and I didn’t need to bring a flashlight.
    Earlier in the week she won most original costume !
    Thanks again!!!

    • That is SO fantastic, Stacey! I’m glad you mentioned being able to spot her at all times. That was a big plus that I hadn’t mentioned! I’m so glad you loved it as much as we did!!

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