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Get The Most From Your Beauty Subscription Box

If you love beauty subscriptions boxes as much as I do, then you know sometimes those fun little items can have a tendency to pile up. Especially if you subscribe to more than one box, which I must say is easy to do!  So when your makeup bag begins to overflow with these goodies, where do you go with it? I say, do NOT let anything go to waste. Let me tell you a few ideas I have that will help you get the most of your beauty subscription boxes. (more…)

No Counter Space Makeup Organizer

How many of you have been faced with this annoying problem. No bathroom counter space. Many a morning routine has been made a struggle due to this very issue. Not to sound like a public service announcement here, but seriously, Putting on makeup shouldn’t have to be a struggle.  Well struggle no more, my friends. Today I’d like to introduce to you a handy little gadget I’ve found a few years back that solves that problem. I call it my No Counter Space Makeup Organizer. (more…)

What to Serve at a Super Bowl Party

At about the same time every year, it seems that most Americans gather together to watch the Super Bowl Game. Even non sports fans such as myself get a bit caught up in the action. Although I must admit that most of the appeal to these gatherings is, of course, the food. And if you’re hosting, the big question is what to make and when to serve it? With big game entertaining, timing matters. You want to keep those guests well fed and happy, even if their team is losing big. The key is knowing what to serve at a Super Bowl Party. And just as importantly, WHEN to serve it. (more…)

Unboxing This Month’s Birchbox

birchbox-octHave your heard of (or subsribe to) beauty box subscriptions? If you’re not familiar with what they are, I explain them here when I posted what I received in my last box. In a nutshell, you “subscribe” to monthly deliveries of beauty samples selected for you based on your profile. The fun is that you never know what you’re going to get, so each box is a surprise. With Birchbox, they do have “feature” boxes that you can choose where you know what you’ll be getting, but what’s the fun in that, right?! So speaking of fun, I want to once again reveal to you the goodies I received! Here I’m unboxing this month’s Birchbox. (more…)

Keep Furniture Pet Hair & Odor Free

dog-hair-removalIf you have a dog or cat that sheds fur like crazy, you’re not alone. Aside from daily brushing and frequent baths, there is a way to prevent your sofa from being taken over by coatings of hair and whiffs of that telltale doggie smell. Just follow this easy routine to keep your furniture and home pet hair and odor free. (more…)

Best Starter Makeup for Tweens

Cosmetics and Accessories YingyoIt seems impossible to me that my sweet baby girl, who not long ago was playing princess dress up, is now interested in wearing makeup. For real this time! Not the “let’s dress up and pretend” kind of makeup, but the actual LEAVE THE HOUSE wearing it kind of thing. It has now come time to look into finding the best starter makeup for tweens. (more…)

No Cost Workout Routines

workoutHere’s a truth that I’ve been living by for years now. You don’t have to spend a lot to get into shape. In most cases, you don’t have to spend anything at all.

As for me, I’m like this…. I don’t always work out, but when I do, it’s at home. Why? Because I absolutely HATE the concept of the gym. The very thought of getting into presentable gym clothes, leaving my house, driving to the gym (phew! I’m tired already!), and finally then start the workout. But wait! Let’s not forget the added bonus of sweating and struggling in front of others. Who doesn’t love that?


Pokémon Go is our Summertime Hero

pokemon-go-summerWith the recent release of Pokémon Go, I can honestly say that it has been a summertime hero in our household. Okay, maybe I might be overstating things a bit, but if you have kids who are too old for dolls & action figures, but too young to drive, you might know a little about what I’m talking about. (more…)