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Best Starter Makeup for Tweens

Cosmetics and Accessories YingyoIt seems impossible to me that my sweet baby girl, who not long ago was playing princess dress up, is now interested in wearing makeup. For real this time! Not the “let’s dress up and pretend” kind of makeup, but the actual LEAVE THE HOUSE wearing it kind of thing. It has now come time to look into finding the best starter makeup for tweens. (more…)

Spring in the Midwest Outfit Inspiration

Even though I’m not technically a fashion blogger, I can’t resist having a little fun playing pretend! I recently started messing around with Polyvore to concoct a few outfits for inspirational purposes only. I say that because I’ve found that, apparently, I have expensive taste. The price tags on the items I choose tend to be way out of my league, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take part in the fun! (more…)

Inspring Fashion Blogs for Great Mommy Style

Mom Fashion BlogIf there was one word to describe my fashion style, I guess you would call it “classic”.  I’m not what you’d call a risk taker.  Despite that, I do try to stay somewhat current, and by that I don’t mean the latest style of sweatpants.

If you’ve read my About Me page, you’ll see that I recently went from full time work outside the home status to full time stay at home mom. With that, I’ve always promised myself I wouldn’t get sucked into that forceful vortex of “why bother”.  No one is going to see me, right?  Well, on some days that might be true, but for me, I don’t feel myself if I don’t at least try. (more…)