coffe tea stains photoI’m not much for fussiness, and to me, keeping the inside of my tea cups and coffee mugs white and sparkling fell squarely into that category. Until quite recently, when I found this quick, inexpensive method to clean those stained mugs fast!


I did what most of us do when we need a solution to a problem. I turned to Pinterest, of course! And apparently, there are many, MANY ways to go about getting those stubborn coffee and tea stains out of those cups. I tried several with mixed results. Some worked great but needed a spendy cleanser I didn’t have, or others that required soaking time that didn’t quite seem like a good time investment. Luckily, there are a few of you out there who figured out that getting out that brown nastiness doesn’t need to take up time or another trip to the store.


So I’ll let you in on a little secret. Actually, it’s no secret at all. The solution isn’t unique. It’s not groundbreaking. It’s an ingredient for which we are all well acquainted. Yes folks, it’s good old, everyday, run of the mill baking soda.


Here I’d like to show you what a typical, well stained mug looked like in my cupboard, fresh from the dishwasher. Yes, my dishwasher declared this cup to be clean!

coffee cup stains 1


In each mug, I put in a tablespoon of baking soda, followed by 1-2 teaspoons of water. (You don’t want to put in too much water.  You want the grit of the baking soda to help do its job). A consistency of a runny paste is what you should be aiming for.

coffee cup stains removalcoffee cup stain removal 2

Next take a damp paper towel and go to town wiping the gunk right off.

coffee cup stain removal 3


This all came off so quick and easy it actually felt like fun (I know, I know. What possessed me to admit that?)!

coffee stain removal 4

This is now my go to for my perpetually stained cups and mugs. I look back now and think of all those wasted years of drinking my java from dingy cups. Am I too dramatic? That’s okay, because when you find such a simple solution to a simple problem like this, I’ve just got to do a happy dance!  So if you haven’t already conquered this problem, try this and I’m sure you’ll join me on that dance floor!

coffee mug stains 5]




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