gift-cards-disguiseAs my kids, nieces and nephews get older, it seems that their birthday and Christmas wish lists have changed considerably. By that I mean, cash and gift cards now hold more allure than the actual store bought present.

I’ve found that there are two reasons for this. Either they want something so expensive that they need to save towards it, or their tastes are just so specific that nobody can be trusted to get that exact thing. (First world problems, I know!) Fear not! There are several very clever ways to disguise cash and gift cards.

When you think about it, this whole gift card/cash gifting thing isn’t all bad. Of course I miss the days when they excitedly ripped open a wrapped package containing that special toy they’ve been drooling for over the months. That moment is as much fun for us as it is for them!  On the bright side, who can argue that handing over cash or buying a gift card in the checkout aisle is a real time and sanity saver. Win, win I say!


The only problem with all of this simplicity is that it’s, quite frankly, boring to watch. A room full of people opening envelopes? Yawn. But don’t despair. There ARE ways to make this scene a bit more fun. Why not disguise all that paper & plastic and throw your recipients off a bit?


To begin, you have a choice between do it yourself, or store bought. I’ve done it both ways. I would say by far the most entertaining way to give the gift of money/cards is to put it in prank boxes. They’re boxes with a completely ridiculous product that the receiver would never need or use.  I chose Extreme Chores Video Game Sleeve because it was perfect for my nephew who is loves gaming. It took him a few seconds to figure out it was an absurd gag! Go ahead and check out the others available in small & large sizes. These are honestly so much fun!


Fill a Prank Box like these Pet Sweep Slippers with tissue and a gift card to really throw them off. This we did for my brother-in-law for his birthday a few years back. He was trying to be polite as possible at this completely ridiculous gift. It’s actually pretty entertaining for the giver AND the recipient. Everyone can get a good laugh from it!


If you’re doing a family gift opening at Christmas, you know most kids don’t want to watch Aunt Edna open another gift wrapped package of rooster themed kitchen towels. Keep them entertained for a bit with a Gift Card Maze Puzzle Money Holder that they can actually play with!  



<span class="caption_text">Click Pick for 20 Cheap and Easy Diy Gifts for Friends Ideas | Last Minute Diy Christmas Gifts Ideas for Family</span>I gave this candy filled mason jar to my nephews last Christmas to disguise my cash gift. Simply insert an empty paper towel roll inside a mason jar and fill the empty outer space with candy. They’ll think they’re getting a jar of candy, but inside is an even better surprise. Candy AND money in one package is a match made in heaven.



Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles from StuffedSuitcase.comThis is one of my favorites. My hair stylist clued me in to this idea. The Scavenger Hunt! It really stretches out the gift giving fun.  Normally you’d spend hours wrapping gifts that get torn open in seconds, and fun is over before you know it. Here at Stuffed Suitcase, you’ll see how to put together an awesome Christmas scavenger hunt, with links on riddles & clue ideas. And I’d say that it’s not just for Christmas.

Keep in mind that what I’ve listed here is just a spring board for a ton of ideas on ways you personalize, create and really have fun with presenting the boring old cash or card gift. Just go crazy! So put those card money holders away and get started with these unique ideas that are as much fun to give as they are to receive!


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