dog-hair-removalIf you have a dog or cat that sheds fur like crazy, you’re not alone. Aside from daily brushing and frequent baths, there is a way to prevent your sofa from being taken over by coatings of hair and whiffs of that telltale doggie smell. Just follow this easy routine to keep your furniture and home pet hair and odor free.

Let me begin by confessing that regular brushings and scheduled baths for my dog have escaped me. Never having had a dog before, I admit this has been a learning process. The biggest reality check has been realizing how often the effort of grooming needs to happen. I was  used to those “auto pilot” kind of pets. You know, hamsters, fish, and yes, even cats! My dear little short haired cat didn’t seem to require daily brushings, and scooping the litter box took very little time and became part of my regular chore routine. No problem!


So why did maintaining my furry dog and home seem to have me on the ropes? It’s because I was always playing a game of catch up. Once a week vacuuming wasn’t cutting it, but then again, it wasn’t realistic to vacuum every day, either. Especially when you include sofas and chairs! Feeling defeated, I decided it was time to develop something that would land somewhere in between the two extremes.

Since the fur on our furniture was the most persistent and noticeable, I made that my first priority. After much frustration looking for something that worked easily to remove my dog’s embedded hair from my chairs and sofa, I was thrilled to have landed on this magical little gadget called Scotch-Brite FurFighter Hair Remover Kit.   I posted about it here a while back because I wanted to share with the world not only how truly effective this was at grabbing hair, but also a handy little hack to eliminate the need to buy the refills that go with it.



A few quick swipes of the FurFighter (don’t worry about refills. I have a workaround for that!) across areas of your chairs and sofa. Anywhere your furry friends like to nap or hang out. (Side note: This works great on pet bedding as well!).

If static is a problem, go ahead and give your Fur Fighter a spritz with some Fabreeze, or this awesome, natural air & fabric freshener that you can make

This process goes much faster if it’s done frequently, but how frequently is up to you and how much fur collects in a short amount of time. Again, it’s a cinch to do this frequently, since this hair removal tool makes quick work of the process. I keep mine tucked under the side of the sofa that is out of sight, but within quick reach to give my sofa a quick “once over” as I pass by.


After removing the hair, I’ll grab my DIY fabric freshener and give my furniture a light spray. No need to saturate. A light spray won’t leave a massive build up over time. You can also use store bought fabric freshener if you’d prefer. Just go lightly. pet-odors-diy-air-freshener-4

I should also mention that I keep a bottle of this concoction hidden away in the living room so I can grab it on the run. You can decant it into a smaller bottle to hide in a drawer too.



Most of you may already have some kind of carpet powder that you use regularly or just occasionally. I think this really does make a difference in reducing odors. Again, you can use store bought, or this lavender & mint, natural DIY fabric deodorizing that I use and

I sprinkle this on the carpet and sofa about 15-30 minutes before vacuuming. pet-odors-upholstery-diy-4

For the sofa, I sprinkle it on and lightly spread it around with my hand to be sure to cover the areas needed, without overloading it with powder. It’s the perfect amount to get the job


Once I’ve waited the time to let the carpet powder do its magic, I vacuum the rugs, and use the hose attachment and go to town on my chairs and sofa. Again, this is just a running over of the areas my pooch loves to lay on, not a cushion removing, nook and cranny type job. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be!pet-odors-upholstery-diy-vacuum

So to summarize this method:

(Tip: Find a place to hide your hair remover & fabric spray so it’s within reach)

  1. Run your fur fighter or favorite hair remover over sofa, chairs & pet bedding.
  2. Give surfaces a light spray of fabric freshener

(Tip: Once per week for this method is sufficient)

  1. Sprinkle carpet powder on rugs & specific areas of furniture.
  2. Vacuum rug & treated areas of furniture

I tell you, this routine has been working really well and I don’t run the risk of bringing unexpected guests into a snow globe of hair anymore! The best part is that it doesn’t take huge chunks of time out of my day to stay on top of it. Give this method and try and let me know if it works out for you as well as it has for us!


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