How many of you have been faced with this annoying problem. No bathroom counter space. Many a morning routine has been made a struggle due to this very issue. Not to sound like a public service announcement here, but seriously, Putting on makeup shouldn’t have to be a struggle.  Well struggle no more, my friends. Today I’d like to introduce to you a handy little gadget I’ve found a few years back that solves that problem. I call it my No Counter Space Makeup Organizer.

This issue first came up for me many years back when we lived in a house with a pedestal sink. Beautiful sink, but zero practicality when it came to doing anything other than washing something. Glass foundation bottles, teetering dangerously on the edge of the sink. Having to prop my bag or basket of necessities on top of a toilet tank and having to walk or reach over to dig for what I needed.  Or even just putting my stuff on the floor next to me and having to bend down and up fifty gazillion times throughout my primping routine. Not ideal.


But honestly, I let this bother me more than it should have, yet from that day on I swore to the heavens above that I’d never again live anywhere that ample counter space wasn’t there to greet me with a smile each and every morning.

When you search for makeup organizers, I see a lot of cool ones with drawers and such (like this Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer), or for those lucky enough to have lots of counter space is this Portable Drawstring Makeup Bag . Both are great options when you have, you know…


By chance, I was gifted a bag that was marketed as a purse organizer. To be honest, I didn’t really have a purse large enough to fit the organizer inside, but I thought of another way to use these organizers to their maximum effect. Of course there are many, many cosmetic organizers out there. But let me tell you. I’ve never even LOOKED at another one since finding this little beauty. But first let me show you just what I’m packing here in terms of face paint.

Hmmmm. Gotta be honest. Seems like a lot of makeup for one face. I imagine the reaction I’m getting is either “that’s obscene” to “phhhhtt, that’s NOTHING”. I like to think I land somewhere in the middle!



The bag I’m talking about is this Ready Set Go Bag Organizer. What, you may ask, makes this so special from other organizers? Here are a few points that truly make this one a stand out.

The Material

This is made of a vinyl material which is okay to get wet. I’d describe it as having a little bit of a leather feel. Because of this, it doesn’t slip around on a porcelain sink edge. It’s actually kind of grippy, so if it’s set down on a slight angle I’ve found that it doesn’t budge.

It’s Small & Flexible

In addition to its slight grip, the entire bag is flexible. It expands so you can pack as much of your junk (er, I mean “necessities) into it. That same flexibility is what helps it almost “hug” the curves of your sink space, so you can put it on uneven curves and it stays just fine. Best of all it has a completely flat bottom so no need to prop it up against anything for threat of tipping over.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike polyester bag with textured weaves or mesh pockets, this bag wipes clean of smudges on the outside. The interior has a vinyl liner which you can wash right out as well when spills, powder and whatever else gets out of hand. Use a microfiber cloth (with or without soap) or those handy “magic erasers” to keep it looking new.

Easy to Carry

Something oddly missing from many cosmetic organizers is a handle for portability. This is one of the best features of bags like these. I can easily pick it up and place it where I want, and just as easily tuck it back under the sink, in a closet or in a tote.  Easy peasy.

Easy to Hide

Since this isn’t rigid plastic, It’s flexibility helps you squeeze the bag into tight spaces in a closet when you want to keep it out of sight.

Easy to Use

I love that I can actually SEE everything that I have and need. It’s all right there. No digging necessary. How great is that?

If you don’t shop at QVC (which by the way I do not receive any commission. I truly just love this bag), you can find somewhat similar bags at good ‘ole Amazon like this Expandable Purse Insert or this Travel Smart Bag Organiser

I now have a bathroom with plenty of counter space, and I’m still loving and using this organizer. It’s always tucked away inside the sink cabinet. It doesn’t take up space on my counter, so there’s no clashing with décor. Best of all, nobody will see or speculate on how much money I’ve spent over time to collect such a ridiculous amount of crap (oh yeah, I mean “necessities)!.




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