birchbox-octHave your heard of (or subsribe to) beauty box subscriptions? If you’re not familiar with what they are, I explain them here when I posted what I received in my last box. In a nutshell, you “subscribe” to monthly deliveries of beauty samples selected for you based on your profile. The fun is that you never know what you’re going to get, so each box is a surprise. With Birchbox, they do have “feature” boxes that you can choose where you know what you’ll be getting, but what’s the fun in that, right?! So speaking of fun, I want to once again reveal to you the goodies I received! Here I’m unboxing this month’s Birchbox.


Magnificent Multipurpose Cream by Hustle Butter

This is an insanely rich cream that I find to be super concentrated. It has a gentle, orange creamsicle scent to it that it’s absolutely delicious! I’ve been using this on my cuticles for now. I keep this little baby in my purse. Absolutely perfect for dry, winter skin.

Curling & Lengthening Mascara by Marcelle

Love, love, love this mascara. My lashes are short and sparse, and this rubber like brush really grabs on to each lash. The best part is that it’s almost impossible to clump! This one is mine!

Skin Eau de Parfum by Clean

For all of you non-perfume ladies out there, this one is for you. I actually already have a roller ball of this fragrance that I received for Christmas. I have to say it is one of my al time favorites. Perfect for ANY occasion. It’s subtle, has a clean scent but there is something warm about it that makes the name “skin” a perfect description. It’s hard to explain, but if you don’t care for obvious scent, I promise you’ll love this one.

Multi Active Day Cream by Clarins

My daughter used this up so I only got to use it once. For daytime, I prefer a lighter lotion to go on under foundation and primer. This one is lovely if you have drier skin and need the boost of a cream.

Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner by Parlor by Jeff Chastain


This shampoo & conditioner duo smell divine. They performed well on my fine, damaged hair. Not sure if they’re good enough to drag me away from drugstore hair care. Lovely nonetheless!


In all, I was really happy with their picks for me this month. I should mention that I don’t even buy mascara myself since subscribing to Birchbox, as they include them quite consistently. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with one. I admit that I’m a little lukewarm about shampoo & conditioners, but the rest are welcome little treats to add to my collection.

I love that I can try out higher end products without wasting my money or messing around with returning the clunkers. That’s really the best part about beauty subscriptions. If you agree and belong to one too, I’d love to hear of your experience!

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